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Perfectly Sweet and Salty

Pairing a hint of saltiness with your dessert adds an unexpected delight to your sweet treat:

  • ✔ Add an unexpected crunch and flavor to a Sara Lee Apple Pie with lightly salted cashews and caramel. Stir a small handful of whole roasted cashews into your favorite caramel sauce and drizzle over a slice of apple pie. It’s an updated twist on caramel apples!
  • ✔ Roasted almonds pair well with dark chocolate and toasted pound cake. Toast a slice of pound cake to a light golden brown, drizzle with your favorite dark chocolate sauce and sprinkle with chopped dry roasted almonds. The roasted flavor in the almonds compliments the toastiness of the pound cake. If you like, add a little ice cream! For instructions on toasting pound cake, see our tips on toasting.
  • ✔ Pretzels can also bring a little salty taste to your sweet desserts. Roughly chop a handful of pretzels and stir into a half cup of milk chocolate topping. Drizzle over cheesecake. Or, you can use chocolate-covered pretzels available at any grocery store. Then, chop the pretzels, and sprinkle the pieces over cheesecake.