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One-Bite Delight

Why let restaurants have all the fun making bite-sized desserts when you can do the same at home. You can create delicious “one-bite delights” quickly and easily. And flavor combinations are limitless! Here’s how to create a single-bite dessert:

  • ✔ Step one: Decide what type of spoon or spoons to use. Because they are larger-sized, soup spoons and ceramic soup spoons work well, if you’re using non-disposable spoons.
  • ✔ Step two: Arrange the spoons on an attractive plate or platter, or in a flat basket that’s lined with a napkin. You can lay out your spoons to all face inward, like the spokes of a wheel, or in lines.
  • ✔ Step three: Place a bite of dessert onto a spoon and top with whipped topping, sauce, and/or fruit. Some great combinations include: cheesecake with caramel and chocolate sauces and chopped pecans; a toasted pound cake square that’s drizzled with chocolate liqueur and topped with chocolate ice cream and chocolate chips.
  • ✔ Step four: Make sure what you put in the spoon is truly bite-sized. This may require some extra chopping on your part. Some items are naturally bite-sized, like berries and nuts.
  • ✔ Step five: Have a tray ready for used spoons. You want to make sure empty spoons go onto a different platter than the filled spoons.