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Seasonal Pie Serving and Preparation

Tools Needed to Prepare and Serve:

  • Foil
  • A 6-7” long non-serrated knife
  • A spatula or server

Baking Instructions:

Pecan Pies

  • Pecan pie can be thawed and served or heated a bit if you like it warm

Pumpkin Pie

  • The key to pumpkin pie is not to overcook it
  • If the pie cracks near the crust, it is overcooked
  • The center of the pie should be semi-soft and shake like gelatin when you pull the pie out of the oven
  • The pie will firm and finish cooking while cooling
  • Tip: cover the edges of the pie crust with foil during baking to avoid burning

Sweet Potato Pie

  • Sweet Potato pie has the same consistency as pumpkin pie and cuts similarly Though the color and texture is slightly different than pumpkin pie, the main difference is the flavor – sweet potato is much sweeter than pumpkin

Cutting and Serving Tips:

  • Cut the pie slice to the size of the server
  • Always cut from the center, not all the way across the diameter of the pie
  • Slowly draw the knife down to the bottom of the crust, stopping at the edge of the pan (do not cut through the end crust). Be careful not to drag too hard or you can cut through the foil pan and introduce foil to the pie slices.
  • For each piece, cut gently from the center twice to ensure you have a proper cut
  • Take the knife out and gently cut top-down through the crimp crust area (knife should be parallel with the table)
  • When you have both edges of the pie slice cut through, gently bend the crimped wall of the pan down (this gives a little more room to insert the pie server)
  • When inserting the pie server, remember the design of the pie tin:
  • Straight under crimp, angled down to the bottom, then straight across bottom
  • Lift up and you should have a clean-cut piece of pie

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