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Turn your regular fruit pie into a beautiful lattice pie:

Thaw the pie approximately 30 minutes at room temperature, cut out the top dough and place it on a lightly floured cutting board just long enough for the dough to soften. Then cut the top dough into ¾” strips. Next place the strips back on the top of the pie, weaving into a pattern. To finish it off, recrimp the edges and brush the lattice dough with egg wash or milk, being careful for the wash not to touch the fruit filling or the pie crimp. No special baking directions are required.

Cherries and Chocolate – an unbeatable combination:

Simply sprinkle chocolate curls over a cherry pie. Whether serving a slice or a whole pie, this taste treat is sure to please.

Try American Apple Cheddar Pie, your family will thank you for it:

Sprinkle the top of the apple pie with shredded cheddar cheese about 3-5 minutes before the end of the baking time.
For a Swiss Cheese Apple Pie that even a mouse would love: Start with a FROZEN Sara Lee Apple Pie. Cut different sized holes out of the FROZEN top crust. Place pie in the oven according to heating instructions. Melt Swiss cheese over the top of the pie during the last 3-5 minutes of baking.

For a sensational Dutch Apple Pie that will keep them coming back for more:

Remove streusel topping from a FROZEN Dutch Apple Pie and place in a bowl. Mix streusel with raisins, nuts, dried fruit, or a combination of them all. Replace streusel topping on to FROZEN pie. Bake according to directions. Cool and garnish with whipped topping and cranberry sauce.

Make a great individual treat with chilled Pumpkin Pie:

Cut a baked and chilled pumpkin pie into bite-sized squares. Place a decorative toothpick in each bite and serve.

Want a unique, mouthwatering, decadent “Pecan Sundae:”

Start with Sara Lee Pecan Pie. Cut out a circle of pie. Top with a scoop of rich Butter Pecan ice cream. Drizzle Butterscotch Sauce over top, pile on the whipped topping, and garnish with crust crumbles from pecan pie and a maraschino cherry.

Create a simply elegant fruit experience using Lemon Meringue Pie:

Remove the meringue and top with an abundance of your favorite fruit slices.

Make your family and guests take notice with brightly colored dough cut outs:

Thaw the pie approximately 30 minutes at room temperature, cut shapes out of top dough using a cookie cutter. Press shaped dough into brightly colored sprinkles. Place sprinkled dough in between cut out shapes on top of piecrust. Bake according to package directions.

Turn your leftover pie into scrumptious treats! Pie Parfait:

Start with a crumbled pie slice. Pour on the chocolate sauce or ice cream, fresh fruit or mound with whipped topping and garnish with crust crumbles.

Apple Pie:

Break up into an ovenproof dessert dish; cover with grated cheese and raisins. Microwave or pop under the broiler until cheese melts.

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